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Warning! This blog post may be a little raunchy! (But secretly you love it!).

Anyone following along will know that I just moved in with the Producer. You will also know that we are both quite sexual creatures. So we had some navigating to do when merging the family dynamics.

My previous home was huge and a lot of space divided my room from those of my teenagers. So having sex with my man without the kids hearing was never really an issue. Suddenly we are all cohabiting in a smaller place with bedroom walls abutting each other.

The Producer was concerned about my tendency to be loud. Yes, I’m blushing, but it’s true. I am. I get so swept up in the rapture of sex. I’m always in the moment. We don’t want to traumatise the kids!

So I’ve had to learn to be quieter and put my head in the pillow! But we’ve finally figured out the dynamics and sex is well and truly back on the menu! Yay! Happy days people! (Just the thought of it made me audibly sigh then!).

I feel like we are are so much more connected when we are loved up (and sexed up).

So imagine my surprise when I found out the Producer had been holding out on me about something for the past two years!

Whilst unpacking things he stumbled across a leather strap. I thought it was a for his wrist, but man was I wrong. As it turns out it was a cock strap. A what-a-what I hear you ask?! Yes, I said that right – a leather cock strap. Lucky I didn’t borrow it to wear as a bracelet for a rock chick look!!

So this leather band with press stud type clasps is actually used to enhance one’s erection. Truly. Like he really needed any further enhancement (think about what happens when you squeeze a partially blown up balloon and it bulges…yes, that)! Of course he couldn’t wait for show and tell and I have to say…oh dear god! What an experience it was!

Now I’m not shy when it comes to dress ups, accessories and game playing in the bedroom but I had never come across a strap such as this. I don’t think your man could use it all the time but hey, there is nothing wrong with special occasions, right?

So if you have a guy in your life and you are thinking about a special stocking filler this Christmas (or a birthday pressie perhaps?) why not spice things up with a cock strap. So much fun for both of you! I can’t believe it took me so long to even know about it! I’m sure they would be available from all good adult stores (or even not so good ones!).

As it turns out, You’re never too old to learn new tricks!

Happy Friday gorgeous people! Have a wonderful weekend. I know I will be!