What you seek
Is seeking you  – Rumi

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually pretty easy to make a woman feel truly valued and loved without exuding a great deal of energy or money. In fact, as the saying goes, the best things in life are free. 

This is true when it comes to love. If you show your woman that you passionately love and desire her, there’s little she wouldn’t do for you in return. Of course these things work both ways in a relationship. Tell her you love her – that’s important – but show her also. There is nothing more beautiful than a kick ass woman in love! 

Here’s some sure fire ways to show you with actions that you do! 

1. Hold her hand

It’s not rocket science I know, but the simple act of holding your lovers hand occasionally when walking down the street tells her you’ve got her back, that you’re there for her. It also demonstrates that you’re proud to show the world she’s your chick. Holding hands makes a woman feel warm and fuzzy. 

2.  Look at her when you make love to her. 

There is nothing more intimate and exhilarating for a woman than having her man look into her eyes when making love, even for a few moments. In a world full of fast paced, McDonalds drive through porn-sex, being intensely connected with another human being while having sex is a powerful force. 

Looking at her means you see her desire and pleasure as she does yours. You’re in that moment together. Delicious! 

3. Compliment her 

It’s so lovely to hear your partner say something nice about you when it’s genuine and from the heart.  Noticing her new hair colour, or her new dress or a new shade of lipstick all let her know you notice things about her. 

Better yet though, complimenting her on things unique to her are even better. Telling her you love her ass, or the curve of her breasts, or her laugh – or even the way she eats with a fork. Tell her she’s hot if you think she is. Tell her that you like the way she smells as you kiss her neck, and watch the way her body language moves! It’s about letting her know you rejoice in her unique beauty. 

4. Spend quality time with her 

Life is busy. Damn, don’t we all know it. So making time to hang out with your woman shows her she’s valuable and worth the time. Date nights or days are important – whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been shacked up for 40 years. Talk with her – about your days, and about your hopes and dreams. Make her laugh! 

Do things you enjoy together – eating out, seeing a movie, hiking, walking along the beach, cycling, gaming, chess…whatever your thing is together. If you stay at home watching a movie, snuggle with her. Or cook with her, sharing wine in the kitchen. 

5. Emotionally support her

We all know that men and women are inherently different in the way we process emotions. We also know that no two women are identical in this way too. It’s all about the Ying and Yang. When a women feels her partner is there for her, she feels safe to be her authentic self. So while a lot of women are intensely independent, every human occasionally needs some extra TLC. 

When she’s had a shitty day, tell her that you love her and give her a hug. Let her know you’re there. You don’t have to fix it and you may not have answers, but you can show her it’s ok to lean on you for support, just as you should be able to lean on her.