Melbourne Street Art. Artist unknown 

The gorgeous city of Melbourne is treating me to some good old winter weather even though it’s autumn. Chilly mornings and lashings of rain. I admit that I love the changing seasons, pulling out the woolen coats and leather gloves to brace against the chill. Putting up umbrellas. 

The other night I met the Producer at the train station after a crazy busy day at work. I have a head cold, so looked delightful with my runny nose and puffy eyes! So disgusting. I was feeling less than attractive, let me tell you! It was a freezing night and all trains were delayed. 

The Producer, his blue eyes mischievously gleaming, grabbed my hand and said he had a plan. It was a surprise, he told me. I so love surprises! 

He took me to one of my favourite restaurants – the iconic Movida – somewhere I hadn’t been for some years. (The Producer and I had one of our first dates at the sister restaurant Movida Aqui…but I digress). 

The food was of course amazing – prawns reduced in a cider sauce, gelatinous and crunchy pigs ear served with jalopinios  (such an unusual texture), delicate quail, all followed by an extraordinary orange crime brûlée. I might have died and gone to culinary heaven! 

What was more beautiful that the food was the Producer, who chatted about his day and projects with excitement. The waitress who served us kept fumbling and blushing around him. I sure she thought he was a rock star or someone she thought she should know. Wearing his leather jacket and sporting longer locks he does have that look about him. It was beautiful in our busy lives to be connected and present. 

We laughed and talked and enjoyed the food and afterwards he walked me through the lane way at the back. It’s a well known lane way covered in some impressive street art. Very Melbourne. 

Though it was colourful, I missed the art. The Producer threw me against the wall, and in the excitement my legs threatened to give way. Touching me in all the right places, he passionately kissed me.   Hosier Lane, Melbourne 

I forgot about the rain. I forgot I was sick. I forgot the world in that suspended moment. I got lost in the kiss. 

He turned up the heat and I was reminded just how much of a bad boy he can be in all the right ways. I was reminded of how hot things can be between us.  I have a feeling the winter might be hotter than I thought. 

Where’s your favourite place to kiss?