Woo Hoo! Put on your red lipstick and your sexy heels! The Good Girl Confessional has turned two years old! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has taken time out of your incredibly busy lives to follow me, read my blog posts about my tales of divorce, on line dating, finding love and the pursuit of happiness.  Thanks for every single like on blog, Facebook or Instagram posts. I started this blog post 2 years ago and it’s hard to believe how far and fast my life has moved in that time. 
 I’m sincerely grateful that you have shared your stories of love, loss, divorce and on-line dating with me and our community here. I’m so humbled that you share and allow me to. 

I’ve made beautiful friendships through blogging, on line and in person. I’m so blessed by that. I’ve been nominated for blogging awards which is a little bit mind blowing! Me! The middle aged mama from the burbs who suddenly found herself single, broke and thrown into the crazy world of dating (in my 40’s!). For every cloud there is a silver lining! 

Thank you to all of the amazing bloggers who have taught me and/or inspired me too! Some I know, some I follow. So much love and gratitude to Carly Findlay, Sandra Reynolds, Karen Andrews,  Caroline Tate (Champagne Cartel), Carly Jacobs-Smaggle, Kathy Blanther, Kerri Sackville, Sarah Prout, Mrs Woog (Woogsworld), Eden Riley, Kate McGibbon, Anna Buckley, and the many other incredibly inspiring writers and bloggers that I follow. Your blogs and courses have inspired me and often kept me sane on dark days.

Big love to my friends who have supported my dreams and read my posts (and not judged me for my prolific over sharing and my use of the word Vagina). 

So much love to the Producer, for his encouragement and for allowing me to share our stories, and putting our sex life and second chances in the spotlight. Thank you darling. 

Big hugs and a big bubbly champagne cheers to you all. You have helped this Good Girl’s heart grow. Xx

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