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This week I’m so thrilled that the ever vibrant and hilarious Becky ‘Beckstar’ Paroz from The Words of Bek has popped on over to The Good Girl Confessional to share a tale from behind her very own picket fence. 

While some people might think planning a wedding is a bit of a nightmare, or that falling in love might be a tad scary, here’s one bride who took that very sentiment and ran with it! Enjoy this slightly spooky wedding tale! You can follow The Words of Bek here: http://planetbekstar.wix.com/the-words-of-bek  or follow on Facebook  here:https://facebook.com/planetbekstar

Thanks Bek for the wonderful guest post! 

Weddings and the apocalypse 

– Becky Paroz

  Some might say getting married is like the apocalypse. The day itself being the ultimate of doom-like consequences depending on how your family and friends get along. Especially when you just add alcohol!

So the smart bride of today might plan for such apocalyptic moment such as the mother-in-law wanting to pay for the cake, which then perhaps means she might wish to pick said cake, not at all according to your wishes. In these moments you do have to check in who is the one getting married, right?

The father might decide that as he is paying for it, he gets to pick the music and you have fear laden dreams, not of the Freddy Krueger type, but far worse! Johnny Cash singing “Folsom Prison Blues” as your first wedding dance, because, you know, dad humour!

How about the best friend that just wants to drink up and crack onto the groomsmen, despite them being all married to other people; that is a challenge worthy of your best friend who might miss the party girl you one were and is having a hard time accepting your domestic bliss, is it not? Except in real life, when it really isn’t.

These are truly horrific visions of what may become the ultimate apocalypse moment for you. I am pretty sure most brides-to-be have that panic inducing moment (moments!) where they have wondered “what if”?

Australia has some interesting rules about marriage, one of which is that celebrants cannot undertake an activity or promotion of a concept that would see them become a favourite in the market place, or give them a competitive edge. I am paraphrasing, but it is written into the legislation after I checked one day to find out why we don’t have more themed weddings in Australia. Too bad if we just want to make it a fun day, the celebrant can’t really join in.

What is a bride to do? How to avert the apocalypse and plan the themed wedding she has always dreamed of?

You could go to Vegas.

There are many themed wedding places in Vegas just waiting to make your wedding as Star Wars, Egyptian or as apocalyptic as possible, or as costly, as you like. How do I know? I did it. Let me flesh out my story for you….

I was already married having had a nice little garden get-together e few years earlier, when my dearest and I planned a trip to America. I had been asked to speak and do some book signing in Kentucky and so we added on an exploration afterwards. We ended the four week jaunt in the US at Las Vegas, to do some silly stuff before we headed home, back to reality. I said to my beloved that we should do as in all bad movies (and some good ones) and get married by Elvis while we were there. Not in a legal sense, but in a lets-be-crazy-and-do-something-really-random for memories and fun. You can do it legally if you have all your paperwork in order, just so you know!

He and I do not like Elvis, but for me it wasn’t the point, it was about having the ultimate cliché experience. My wonderful husband, without clearly thinking things through, said in response “Yuck! Elvis! Id rather get married as a zombie.” Oh Foolish mortal! He knows of my obsession with zombie movies and all things zombie-apocalypse-related as my secret dark side, and so therefore through this comment sought to demonstrate how little he cared for an Elvis wedding.

However, having been prepared for the apocalypse for many years now, I saw the opportunity and immediately responded with a “Challenge Accepted!”. And thus history was made.

The immediate benefit of this marriage ceremony is that unless your wedding guests come along too, they can’t actually be there on the day. The chapel we went to offered live video streaming, so all the members of your wedding party could have watched from afar on-line, unable to knock over any wedding cake!

They take video, photos, and offer other services like limousine pick up and drop off, flowers (fresh or fake) and make-up packages, depending on your budget.

Once I had found this place, and convinced my husband that he would in fact have fun during the apocalypse, also known as our second wedding; he came around, to the point he wore the make-up. I don’t mean a bit of eye-liner, I mean the full zombie face paint. I take the apocalypse very seriously and definitely wanted to look my best…erm… worst! 

  Our minister zombie was one cool dead dude, considering he was probably dead for a while before getting into this line of work, pretty chilled indeed. The decorating was pretty creepy, the lighting just spooky enough and the smoke machine worked overtime to provide us with a truly romantic atmosphere. After all, during the zombie apocalypse, you should take time out to be with the ones you love, especially if they might get bitten tomorrow.

We had a great time and some fantastic memories of laughing and enjoying ourselves. We did what we wanted; we had no other demands upon us to meet from family and friends, apart from their disappointment in not being there. However they can see the photos at any time. One day we might even watch the DVD. For now it lives in our memory. We laugh over it, we remember it with joy and it stands in our minds as a great day of celebration, doing something just for us.

And when you get right down to it;, that is all a wedding needs to achieve.  

Everything else can be left for the apocalypse.