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  Jayne Mansfield fills her pool

Anyone who knows me, or follows this blog will not be surprised when I say I’m passionate. I mean about ever-y-thang! I am passionate about love, about sex (because…sex people!),I’m passionate about my family, my friends, food, wine, music, film, my work, writing, and even my dog. Of course this means I can be bloody fiery also, but let me tell you, from volcanoes, diamonds are forged.

I share this trait with many kick ass women so I’m in good company, right? Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Nigella Lawson, Beyoncé, Drew Barrymore and Christina Hendricks to name a few. I recently read an article about Iman and David Bowie’s love for one another and the life they shared before his death this year. She admits to being passionate and fiery also.

In an interview with Harpers Bizarre in 2010 she said, “David doesn’t fight. He is English, so he just stays quiet. I’m the screamer. Then he always makes me laugh. It’s like cabaret. I keep him entertained too.” Their’s was a gorgeous 26 year love story. Sigh and swoon.

The downside of being so passionate about food and wine of course is that I have become far more curvaceous in the last 12 months. I do love great food, and really – can you ever have too many bubbles?! My head says no, but my waist line says yes. ​ 

 I got booty, people… a rounded arse, hips and big boobs, and I embrace the curves. There’s just more of me to love right now. This year I’ve decided to get a little bit fitter, a little bit lighter and a little bit calmer. Though I quite like to power walk, exercise and I are not a great mesh. Maybe there’s a chance I could grow to love it…probably not, but I am wise enough to know I just have to suck it up princess and do it anyway.

So I’ve started following the C25K program (Couch to 5 km) , the premise bring that within 9 weeks you can go from the couch to running 5km. That concept just seems mind boggling and foreign to me. How the hell is someone like me going to run 5km? So this week I swapped the heels for runners, tucked my boobs into a sports bra and tentatively hit the pavement. Actually this is not my first run around the block with this app (pun completed intended). I did try it once before, but it didn’t gel. I’m ready to try again.  

 These feet belong to an actual runner…

I am inspired by other writer chicks like Carolyn and Gillian over at Champagne Cartel. (Champagne Giliian is now a proper runner like Carolyn and I was so excited for her and encouraged!), and Danielle from Keeping Up With the Holsbys.  These girls are real runners. I mean, my experience to date has involved running to a cocktail bar during happy hour! Even the Producer has been running. Perhaps running is the new black…

I’ve now completed two days of the program and my damn thighs hurt like a bitch! Wearing spiky patent heels today maybe wasn’t the most inspired idea. 

 My actual feet …

I ran. My face was as red as a beetroot and I was hot and sweaty, but I did it and survived. So who knows? Hilariously, as I was on the last legs of the workout, some young and hot uber fit running-guy jogged past me in the opposite direction. I tried valiantly to look super cool and hot, picking up the pace and swinging my arms…Oh yeah, running guy, I do this all the time…while my body was screaming profanities at me. Just stop running, you bitch! What are you doing?! He wasn’t fooled – I could tell by the weird arse look he gave me. As I got home I was beetroot red, huffing and puffing. Smokin’ hot and not in a good way, but I did it.  Maybe I’ll end up a runner.  

 Maybe this calls for champagne…