About the good girl

Sandy Lowres is a Melbourne based entrepreneur, writer, blogger, public speaker, dating coach, and more recently, a podcaster. The Founder of Good Girl Media, Sandy has a background in communications and is an award nominated blogger and poet. A former theatre actor, she has written and performed plays and has worked as a freelance writer. She is complex and a Creatrix, a mother of grown gorgeous ones, a friend, a feminist and a social justice advocate. A lover of bubbles, a French martini and live music, she has been a girlfriend, a lover and a wife. She is sometimes fabulous but genuinely has no clue what she’s doing on occasion. A curvy redhead, she is independent and sometimes opinionated. She’s mad for a good book, a film or a rooftop bar. Not afraid of her inner goddess, flaws and all, she’s still a work in progress.  Sandy started The Good Girl Confessional after she found herself suddenly single after almost 18 years in the ‘marriage bubble.’ She picked herself up, put on her heels and grew a back bone and has been sharing her stories of sex, dating, heartbreak, and relationships, and writing articles on women’s issues since 2013. Sex in the suburbs never looked so good.

7 thoughts on “About the good girl”

  1. Great work Charlotte Lea….I think a lot of “Good Girls” can resonate with you, good luck with your blog and your writings…can’t wait for the first book, or maybe even “THE FILM” xxx

  2. Jessica Rabbit said:

    Hot stuff Charlotte Lea!!!! Not unlike that saying, “life begins at 40” Well if you’re single and “SaVVy” that is…mwah

  3. If you had not written about your age, I would have imagined you to be young. And that is not intended as an insult. There is a a youthful energy about you…an exuberance which is very delightful, and most refreshing. Especially, when it comes from someone who has gone through her fair share in life. Glad to have “met” you, Charlotte 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    • Well, thank you so much Shirley!! That’s a huge compliment! I feel quite young still, but it’s really lovely to have such positive feedback! It’s brilliant to have met you too Shirley! It’s so brilliant to meet like minded people who share experiences! Much love to you xoxo

  4. Have loved reading the blog en masse over the last week Charlotte! Have sent you a Facebook msg too 🙂

    • Hi Bowie! Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you’re loving it! It’s awesome to have some guys reading it and I hope it clears up some misconceptions about women! Thank you also for the Facebook message which I actioned! Have a great day! 🙂

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